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03 Feb 2011

Dramatic Enquiry - What is it?

Dramatic Enquiry is new approach to enquiry led learning. The approach is being road tested up and down the country but particularly in schools the North East, Stoke on Trent and Derby. Dramatic Enquiry is essentially a fusion of Drama in Education (D.I.E) and Philosophy for Children (P4C) bringing together the theories of Philosophy for Children and Thinking for Learning practitioners (David Perkins, Matthew Lipman, Phillip Cam, Robert Fisher, Guy Claxton) with the those of Drama in Education specialists (Dorothy Heathcote, Jonothan Needlands, Gavin Bolton, Tony Goode).

The work is gathering momentum and their is a strong feeling that Dramatic Enquiry can lead to powerful learning experiences which are rich and stimulating involving real world investigations, challenging questioning and active participation. To find out more about the approach or to organise a training course for your staff contact the Workshops in Schools team and we'll put you in touch with the right practitoners.

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