Workshops by Region: England

Sarah Hicks – Art Workshops North West

Sarah Hicks is a versatile artist and creative workshop leader. Her art workshops are tailor made and include art techniques such as painting, sculpture, puppetry and shadow play, junk modelling, mosaic, mural, collage, silk painting and more. Sessions can be tailored to cover any area of the curriculum to make learning creative, visual and fun. Continue reading


Willowscapes – School Willow Art Workshops

Willowscapes offer willow art workshops for schools. Using willow art in schools to create willow domes, willow tunnels, willow dens and willow sculptures. Continue reading

AGE GROUP: All primary ages

One Day Creative Drama Workshops

One Day is a Creative Drama Education Company, connecting children and learning with creativity and imagination. Our innovative approach to education helps schools to enrich the curriculum and complement classroom teaching.
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AGE GROUP: 3-16 years old
Posted in England, South West

Portals to the Past – Medieval Writing Workshop KS2

Portals to the Past are a highly experienced team of history specialists who work with schools and museums throughout most areas of England. Continue reading


Physical Theatre Workshops – Highly Sprung

Highly Sprung offer physical theatre workshops combining skills in dance and drama to produce innovative and original projects that engage children and young people as performers, participants and audience in and outside of formal education. Continue reading

AGE GROUP: Nursery- University

Circus Skills Workshops – Bezerkaz Circus Workshops

Work with experienced tutors in the art of circus skills. Learn amazing skills such as: juggling, diabolo, unicycle, stiltwalking, plate spinning, gigantic bubble making, drama games, clowning, twirling, carnival activities and more specialist activities such as acrobatic balancing, trapeze and tightwire. Continue reading

AGE GROUP: All ages

Healthy Eating in Schools- A-Life

A-life brings the Science, PSHE & PE curriculum to life through an unforgettable programme of hands-on healthy workshops, fun fitness sessions, interactive alcohol & drug awareness lessons & follow-on application tools for the whole family. Continue reading

AGE GROUP: Nursery- Year 8

DNA Puppetry Workshop

DNA offers an approach to puppetry that draws upon a multitude of traditional and modern techniques in design, construction and performance. Make junk animals, shadow puppets, giant puppets for parades, Greek masks or make a puppet play in a day.
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AGE GROUP: From babies to teenagers

Aashiyana Arts – Indian Dance Workshops

Sohan is a performing artist, dancer, choreographer and creative practitioner, specialising in Indian dance, ranging from Bhangra to Bollywood. Continue reading

AGE GROUP: Early Years Foundation Stage to 6th Form

Happening History Workshops – School History Workshops

Happening History provide highly interactive, fun, educational workshops based on medieval life and life on the Home front during WW2. Continue reading

AGE GROUP: KS1, KS3, KS4, KS5. Occasionally KS2 but no specific display at present aimed at them.